Neville Endeavours also organized separate kits which were distributed to the visually impaired persons who were affected by the flood. About 300 such kits were arranged for distribution on 10th January 2016.

Lending hand to the visually impaired persons who got affected by the flood in Chennai. We distributed about 300 kits to the visually impaired students and elders who needed help followed by Elai sappadu.

Wish to thank all my well-wishers and donors who came forward to provide the required items which inturn was given to the visually impaired.

We associated with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) who identified visually impaired persons. The kits were distributed on the 207th Birthday Celebration of Louis Braille. The distribution was programmed with an Invocation prayer song by the visually impaired and lighting of lamp and addressed by the President of NFB followed by the distribution.

We had our Trustees from Neville Endeavours Foundation present for the event along with donors to distribute the kits and Mini Digital Speaker Device.

The distribution was done in a Marriage hall on Sunday, 10th January 2016 at 11.30 am and Elai sappadu was served.

  1. Rice – 5 Kg – Provided by a donor
  2. Oil – ½ litre – Provided by a donor
  3. Dhal – ½ Kg – Provided by a donor
  4. Bed sheet – 1 No. – Provided by a donor
  5. Blanket – 1 No. – Provided by MCRT94
  6. Saree – 1 No – Provided by a donor
  7. Dhoti – 1 No – Provided by a donor
  8. Medical kit – 1 set (contains 8 items) – Provided by Round Table India
  9. Kelloggs Chocos – Provided by Round Table India
  10. Biscuit, Water & Juice – Provided by Round Table India
  11. Mini Digital Speaker Device – Provided by a donor
  12. Re-canning rope – Provided by a donor
  13. Kit bag (reusable) – Provided by a donor
  14. Lunch 300 Nos.(Elai Sappadu) – Contributed by multiple donors
  15. Transportation cost from the venue to the distribution area – Contributed by multiple donors
  16. Hall rent – Contributed by multiple donors

We thank all the D2D volunteers who were present for this distribution. Special mention to JBC volunteers and college students who came to help with the distribution at the venue. Wish to thank RR Kitchen who served quality food at a nominal cost for the visually impaired people.

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