About Neville

About Neville J. Bilimoria

Neville Jamshed Bilimoria wears many successful caps. A National silver medallist in Rowing, passionate Marathoner, ardent ultra Cyclist, committed philanthropist, Founder of D2D Marathon & Neville Endeavours Foundation. Through “Neville Endeavours Foundation” he and his team raise funds through the event called D2D Marathon especially for children towards Education and medical treatment.

Neville has more than 25 years’ experience and specialises in family Immigration Visas through Skilled and Investment migration programs. He is the Senior Consultant and Partner at Bilimoria & Associate and Managing Director of Bilimoria Impex Pvt. Ltd., established in 1995. www.bilimoriaassociate.com

DAWN TO DUSK & DUSK TO DAWN (D2D): Neville along with his team of friends and well-wishers raised for charity a substantial amount INR 2.53 crores from 2012 till date through the event D2D. Every rupee that was raised through Dawn to Dusk and Dusk to Dawn Marathon have been donated towards education and healthcare of children.

The funds raised through D2D Marathon were donated as follows:

  • In the year 2012, awareness was created for Round Table India and the funds that was raised used for building classrooms for the underprivileged children.
  • In the year 2013 & 2014, awareness was created towards the children affected by Cerebral Palsy. The funds that were raised used for the God’s own children towards their treatment and purchase of Therasuit.
  • In the year 2014, Chennai witnessed the first ever Chennai’s Night Marathon towards creating awareness on Organ donation and raised a substantial funds for LYLF, Apollo Hospitals towards the treatment of childrens’ organ transplantation.
  • In the year 2016, awareness was created for Round Table India – Freedom Through Education project and funds that was raised used towards building classrooms and toilet blocks for the underprivileged children.
  • In the year 2018, the event created awareness and funds that were raised donated to Cancer Institute, Adyar (WIA) for the treatment of Cancer affected children.

ROUND TABLE INDIA (RTI): Neville has been an active Tabler in Round Table India and has made great contribution as past Tabler and Chairman of MCRT 94 Round Table India. Neville and team of his Tablers of MCRT 94 raised in a single year INR 2.25 crores to build 55 new Classrooms and 22 Toilet blocks which was raised through funds from different donors.

The 55 classrooms and 22 Toilet blocks which were inaugurated by the former President of India Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in the presence of dignotories, well-wishers, Teachers and school children.

Neville was also appointed as Brand Ambassador of Round of India to promote the project Freedom Through Education.

Neville’s passion of giving the best to every activity that he takes up while inspiring others to be healthy and fit, was the beginning of his endeavours. Through his rowing, running and cycling activities, he has found numerous ways to help the less privileged children. He motivates himself to succeed with hard work, dedication, commitment with mind set to achieve the goals!!

“It is important to remember we are all blessed in many ways and each one of us have the potential to give back to the society through the very passion that drives us. I am passionate about my day to day work and training and put my 100% in the sport of rowing, running and cycling to keep fit. And through these sporting activities, I’d like to find ways that would benefit those who can’t even have a fragment of what we have!!

With most things in life, I am blessed and thank God for what I am today!! I wish to keep contributing through my passion and give back to the society in my own way. Always been supported and guided by my family, friends and well-wishers.”


Neville holds Three National records from LIMCA RECORDS.

  • First one in 2014 covering a total distance of 154.12 Km in 12 hours. Running for 6 hours covering 43.12 Km and Cycling for 6 hours covering a distance of 111 Km.
  • Second one in 2015 covering a total distance of 207 Km in 12 hours. Running for 6 hours covering 51 Km and Cycling for 6 hours covering a distance of 156 Km.
  • Third one in 2018 covering a total distance of 219.1 Km in 12 hours. Running for 6 hours covering 53.1 Km and Cycling for 6 hours covering a distance of 166 Km.

In the year 1993, Neville joined Madras Boat Club as Student Member and represented the club and state in many rowing events. Brought laurels and recognition by Representing Tamil Nadu in 3 National Games and won National medal Silver in Men’s pairs. Also, he held the post of Captain of Madras Boat Club. He has won medals in all three disciplines (single sculls, coxless pairs and coxed fours) for the club.


In the year 2010, Neville started taking part in Marathons and Ultra marathons. He has run across all over in India, and in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, USA, Germany, Japan and UK till date.

His personal best in full marathon has been 03:45:49 and the longest distance he has ran in Malnad Ultra covering a distance of 110 Km in 22 hrs 33 mins.

He has participated in 61 marathons till date across India and abroad till date. This includes the 4 Dawn to Dusk Marathons that were conducted at IIT and Anna University Campus covering total distance of 156 Km in 2012, 154 Km in 2013, 207 Km in 2014 and 219.1 Km in 2018 in 12-hour period of the Dawn to Dusk event.


In the year 2011, took up cycling and has completed many cycling events and podium finisher in Time Trails. Holds the Super Randonneur title for the 8th consecutive year having completed all series for calendar years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (Super Randonneur is one who completes all the series: 200 Km, 300 Km, 400 Km, 600 Km and 1,000 Km in a calendar year).

Completed 1,000 Km – Chennai-Vijayawada-Chennai in cycling for the year 2014 completed in 73 hours, year 2015 completed in 69 hours, year 2016 completed in 72 hours, year 2017 completed in 70 hours, year 2019 completed in 70 hours.

Completed 1200 Km in 88 hrs 29 mts, the Brevet Chennai-Coimbatore-Madurai-Trichy-Pondicherry-Chennai in September 2017. Completed Fleche in February 2019.

Completed PARIS-BREST-PARIS an International Cycling event 1,226 Km in 89 hrs 1 minutes in Aug 2019, one among the 44 finishers from India to complete within the cut-off time.

Married to Kamini, who has been supportive and encouraging with all goals that Neville has achieved. He is too thankful to all his family and friends, office staff and everyone who have been so supportive in his endeavours.

Learn more at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/njbilimoria
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neville_j_bilimoria
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neville.endurance
Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/9336192


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sBx-wv7qOc (Part 1 – Dawn To Dusk)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaGPAQOGmrM (Part 2 – Dawn To Dusk)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2egOID3N2ew (Part 1 – Live with fire)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq0o-M539bU (Part 2 – Live with fire)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dDQ022_qDQ (D2D 2015-16)




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